The NTACA is the ONLY Private Animal Services Provider throughout the North Texas Area providing 24 hour animal control and emergency services.


Who is the North Texas Animal Control Authority?

The NTACA officially began operation on April 1st, 2003. The NTACA responds to any animal related problem throughout the entire North Texas Region including the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Response areas are determined by municipal boundaries and major thoroughfares throughout the North Texas Region. In turn, fees increase based on response location from our primary service area. A schedule of fees for your area is available upon request.

laddertreeKerry Payne is the owner of the NTACA and employs other animal care professionals . Kerry holds certifications as a State of Texas Advanced Animal Control Officer through the State Department of Health, in Animal Cruelty Investigations, and is certified on the national level as an Animal Control Officer. Kerry has also held certifications as a Firefighter/EMT and is a graduate of the Collin County Law Enforcement Academy. Copies of all certificates of training are available on request.

Kerry began contemplating the privatization of animal services about 2 years ago while working for a municipal animal control agency. There, he realized that government operated animal control was limited in the services they would provide due to expenditures, liabilities, and personnel limitations. The need existed then, as it does now, for a better, more in-depth and personalized Animal Control Service to suit the individual and specific needs of the communities in our area. Kerry has simply taken the steps outside of the normal actions of government animal services to provide a unique service to the entire North Texas region that no other service will provide.

The NTACA is constantly adding and improving our services to suit the needs of animal owners. All services offered by the NTACA are available 24 hours a day by contacting our Animal Help Line @ 214-513-8228.

Gift Certificates for company services are available along with special promotion opportunities for veterinary practices, humane organizations, and animal services related businesses.